On this page you will see typical damage related to the high gas pressures tapped from the barrel according to the original design. These rifles were destined to serve on the Eastern Front, maybe that's the reason they were so over-powered. At the time they were made, no consideration was given that these
rifles would still be shooting 60 years later. The solution to this problem is to control the gas by replacing the original piston with a new piston which is designed to reduce
the operating pressures.
The rear of the receiver on the left is
experiencing metal fatigue caused
by the bolt group slamming against it.
You will notice it bending backwards.
If and when it gives out, all parts will fly
into the shooters face.
This bolt group is no longer safe to fire.
This kind of extensive damage is devastating
to an all matching rifle.
Your rifle may not have matching serial
numbers, but the parts are still
expensive if you can find them.
It makes sense to protect them.
This is stamped steel, not forged. Sooner or
later your rifle will have this kind of wear if
you like to fire your rifle.
With the Shooters' Kit installed, these parts
will continue functioning without
damage for decades to come.

All the damaged parts shown are from the SAME rifle. Imagine being the last person to
pull the trigger, that person took a big gamble. The bolt group is ready to fly apart straight
into the shooters face. With the Shooters' Kit, there is no need to take chances with
damaging your historical rifle, or risking your safety.

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