Our Gewehr-43/41 parts are "New-manufactured", not re-production. We don't use the term "Re-production" to describe our products, from which collectors have coined the terms "Repro" and "Re-pop". A repro item has always been used to immitate the original, oftentimes with the sole purpose of misleading the buyer by dishonest dealers representing the item as the original article in order to sell it for a higher price.

We see this trend played out in daggers, belt buckles, medals and badges as well as metal marking stamps which enable anyone to mark a rifle or other item as an original would be marked. These trends exist for the sole purpose of misleading the buyer and have created a market where none but the most experienced collectors have a hope of buying the genuine article. Sometimes the fakes are so good that the value of genuine items has fallen unless they can be bought from a recognized authority on the item along with a certificate gauranteeing authenticity.

Our new-manufactured parts follow the original design in basic form but make no attempt in closely copying original parts. Our process greatly improves on the quality of metal used in construction. CNC machining gaurantees uniformity and reliability in our finished product. This method of construction further distinguishes us from the originals whose quality was reduced by material shortages and last minute substitutions of inferior parts due to the hurried mass production and crude war-time construction methods.

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