This page, Projekt Selbsladegewehr, (self-loading rifle), displays rifles that are used in reenacting. Candidates for reenacting rifles are those rifles that have been sporterized by the Veteran who brought the rifle back home as a souvenir. Sometimes these Veterans used the rifles for hunting. Sometimes they polished the surfaces to improve the finish or they tried to reshape the stocks to modernize them. Modernizing, or sporterizing, was very popular during the late 50's and resulted in near mint, all matching serialized guns being stripped just for the actions in the quest to build a good looking deer rifle. Keep in mind that during the 50's, guns like these sold in Hardware stores in the days when no FFL was required to sell guns and anyone could be a dealer in guns if you bought enough of them to show customers.

Today we call these rifles "Project Guns". We spend years trying to find the original parts to put back on them, or we learn to make the parts ourselves. We try to restore them to original specs and appearance. Someday barrelled actions will be impossible to find and the rifles we restore today will be worth as much to collectors as the perfect "as issued" rifles are today that somehow managed to sit in a Veterans closet for 50 years and escaped the hack saw and the cutting torch. Our grandkids will appreciate our efforts.