As the collector market for G-43 rifles pushes
prices steadily upward, it becomes profitable to restore receivers that need major work. This customer had two receivers and decided to use parts off one to restore the other. This project was accomplished with precise measurements, accurate cuts and careful welding. The finished receiver appears as though nothing this dramatic happened to it. The donor receiver may get a full restoration in the future.
This receiver was in better shape so our
customer wanted it restored.
The cuts to remove the sight base were precise.
This receiver may get a full restoration in the future.
Like stem cells, one sight base can easily be made to restore function to the other sight impaired receiver!
Match machining after millwork.
Checking the fit. It was within .003 of an inch.
No one else does this kind of work.
Der TIG Meister's work. It's a challenge to
avoid warping the thin metal sides.
Cleaning up the weld, sculpting the form and
prep for bluing.
The finished receiver appears as a Veteran
polished bring back souvenir.

Restorations on historical rifles is our specialty.

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