Use this site for the best in G43 & K43 rifle restoration and parts. Shooters Kits are available that turn your Stored Gun into a Range Gun. With this kit in place, parts won't break. The originality of the weapon is not sacrificed, originality is only enhanced because serialized one-of-a-kind parts no longer face the risk of being broken. This kit is constructed of the finest materials and workmanship.

Restoration and Rebuilding services are available, send an e-mail from this web site to discuss terms for acquiring this and many more items and services.

The Waffenampt 222 is the original business logo which honors all manufacturers from which our favorite weapons were created.

We buy complete or partial G/K-43 and G-41 rifles. We will buy that barrelled action that was polished or sporterized by the Veteran. Please send an email describing what you have and how much you would like to get for it.

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We now sell recoil spring sets, two for $30.00 Shipping is an additional charge.

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We have videos for you to watch found on Utube featuring the G.43 and others,
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The Shooters' Kit is available for $110.00,
plus $6.50 shipping for locations in the US.
International shipping is $15.00
The piston pictured below is a Walther WaA359,
below that is the Shooters' Kit piston.
The piston was made longer to accomodate the gas
plug and to ensure long life as well as to
distinguish it from the original.
Below is the Shooters' Kit piston with
the gas plug installed.
The pistons are made with high quality CNC machining.
4140 steel heat treated to Rockwell 34.
The Shooters' Kit is in stock and ready to ship,
please allow 4 to 7 days for delivery.
You can count on years of reliable service and
enjoyable shooting with your original weapon!
Place your order today!